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Are Strip Clubs Cheating? !

If you are in a relationship or expect to be in one soon, this is probably a question you have asked yourself a dozen times. You have been going to strip clubs with your friends for years, and you have always had such a great time there with your friends.
But now a thought has crossed your mind, and you can’t shake it.

Are strip clubs cheating?

Let us examine this problem from multiple angles by looking at some of the top reasons as to why they are and aren’t cheating. You can look at the arguments below and decide for yourself what to think about going to a them.
Why Going to a Strip Club is Cheating
1. Your Lover’s Body is Enough

This one may seem the most obvious, but it is worth stating. Most people are not happy with their lovers go off and look at other people’s bodies. This is because we have a culture that generally supports monogamy—even before marriage.
Before going to a strip club, you should think carefully about whether or not you would like your boyfriend or girlfriend to go to one, as well. Imagine your lover there, dancing with a bunch of naked people of the opposite sex.
If this thought makes you feel uncomfortable, chances are you shouldn’t be going. After all, the only reason for going is the gratification of seeing nude bodies—and don’t you in a sense, at least have your lover for that already?

2. Your Conduct

If you are a normal person, you won’t just go to a strip club for the alcohol—you could go to a bar for that. Instead, you are going to see—and potentially even pay—someone to take of their clothes for you. This means that you will be engaging directly in a sexual act with another person.
That is cheating. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it on this one, folks. If you do not think you would want your significant other to pay another man to take off his clothes, you should probably stay away from this kind of places yourself.
Your conduct matters, and it says a lot about your dedication to your lover If you go and watch other people take their clothes off (or if you even pay them to do it), you probably aren’t sending the best message. You want to always let your lover know how much you love them.

3. Making Your Lover Feel Unwanted

There are some things people in relationships do for each other. This means taking each other out to the movies, paying for each other’s meals, bringing each other random flowers.
And going to strip clubs, right?
It doesn’t take a genius to notice that the last item on this list is wildly out of place. In fact, there is no real reason why going there is at all beneficial towards your relationship. For this reason, you should be careful when considering your strip club trip.
Is it something that builds your lover up? Or is it something that will tear her down? Will it make her feel happy and excited to be with you? Or will it make her feel unwanted and depressed?
If your lover is like most people, she definitely won’t feel too much better about herself if she finds out you have been going to clubs. In fact, she will probably feel lacking, as if she is not giving you enough.
And though the problem will definitely be all on your shoulders, she will be the one who carries it. If you don’t want your lover to feel sad, unwanted, and potentially even blame herself, then it’s best to stay away from strip clubs.
Why Going to Strip Clubs Isn’t Cheating
Okay, so we’ve some arguments stating that going there constitutes cheating, but what would others say? There are, of course, many people who don’t feel as if going to a strip clubs is cheating, so it’s best to get a complete look at the topic.

1. You Don’t Have to Go Alone

This is important because many people who go there aren’t going alone, and they aren’t even going to see other men or women. While this can be a large part of it, there’s no denying that this places are a great way to make social connections and hang out with your friends. And, if this is what you’re going to do, it doesn’t have to be called cheating.

2. You Can Take Your Significant Other

You don’t have to go to a strip club without your partner. Though many people may not think of it, there are plenty of couples who go to strip clubs together for a relaxing and fun time. You can’t be cheating if your partner approves of it, right? As long as you agree to go together, there appears to be no reason as to why others should judge you for going.

3. You Don’t Have to Do Anything

Furthermore, you don’t actually have to engage with strippers when you go! You can go simply to hang out and meet others. You don’t have to pay money or get a lap dance or do anything that you don’t want to do! You can still keep your lover as the top priority in your heart while going out and having fun!


The question as to whether or not going to a strip club is cheating doesn’t have a clear answer. There will always be people on both sides of the argument. We’ve laid out both sides of the argument for you to see so that you can make the decision that you feel is best.
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